3 Long Term Benefits Of Promotional Items That Will Make Your Business Grow By Leaps And Bounds

Promotional items are the buzzword these days for any and every company that wants to market its products or services in the best possible manner and get more and more target audiences to take a call to action. With a number of such items available today, it has become even more easy and affordable to avail them for every small, medium and large enterprises and business houses. For instance, there are numerous firms selling promotional merchandise such as Douglas Badges, from where you can acquire the best products such as custom badges customized as per your preference.

So, what are the benefits of these items in the long term? Let us assess the same by going through some of the key pointers mentioned below:

• Reach out to the masses: The very first benefit of the promotional products is that they are one of the easiest ways to reach out to the masses. You can hold an exhibition for example and use customized products with your company name, label, logo and tagline etc. as giveaways. It doesn’t matter what you present them, but it surely does goes a long way in reaching out to maximum people at a given time.

• Easy on the pockets: Think of promotional keyrings that you can get from any retail or online stores and that too at an affordable price tag. Click here to see for yourself one of the leading stores on the market that provides such products at competitive rates. This means that you can buy them in bulk without burning a considerable hole in your pockets and yet accomplish your target(s). This takes us to the next pointer.

• Serve multiple functions: Promotional items are not just meant to increase the number of potential customers but also for various other functions. For instance, you can invest in some customized cufflinks in Australia that you can present to your new clients or your old ones as classy corporate gifts. You can also use distribute the same among your employees to increase brand visibility and loyalty to the firm. Also, you can use the same stuff for cross-selling your products. It is up to you how you use them for your benefit.

To conclude

So, these are some of the things that you need to consider in order to make the most of the promotional merchandise in the long term. I do hope that you will implement the same for your business or enterprise so that it grows by leaps and bounds. Visit this website to check out their vast collection of promotional items for your use -http://www.douglasbadges.com.au/.

New Labor Law Posters Required in Many States

Employers across the U.S. need to be aware of laws that require new labor law posters in many cities and states. Many states have passed laws that require new posters or updated versions of existing posters on topics like the minimum wage, family leave and workers’ compensation.
Minimum Wage Increases Across Many States
A number of states have implemented minimum wage increases that necessitate updated labor law posters. Just to look at a few, the California minimum wage increases to $10.00 per hour on January 1, 2015, following a similar $1 per hour increase in 2014.
The Michigan (MI) minimum wage increases in four stages from $8.15 per hour on September 1, 2014 to $9.25 per hour on January 1, 2018. After that, the state minimum wage will increase each year based upon the cost of living, as long as unemployment remains below 8.5%.
In Massachusetts (MA), the minimum wage increases from $8.00 to $11.00 per hour over three years. The first phase of the increase is effective January 1, 2015 with additional increases in 2016 and 2017.
City Minimum Wage Increases
Even in states that have chosen not to increase the minimum wage, many cities and municipalities have taken the initiative. In Washington state, the city of Seattle passed a law in June 2014 that will increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour, over a period of time. In Washington D.C., the city council recently passed a minimum wage law that will increase that state’s minimum compensation rate in phases, to $11.50 per hour in 2016.
In addition, Washington D.C. joins more than a dozen states in implementing annual minimum wage increases based on the cost of living index. In these cities, employers are required to display a city minimum wage poster, in addition to state and federal labor law posters.
Pregnancy Accommodation Laws
Several cities and states across the nation are considering pregnancy accommodation laws. These new statutes require an employer to make reasonable accommodations for a pregnant employee, far beyond the requirements of federal disability law. Already, New York City and Philadelphia, PA have passed such laws and many more are being considered.
Due to all the changes in employment laws throughout the U.S., this is an excellent time for employers to ensure they have the required labor law posters on display.

Cloud backup Solutions for Your Mobile Workforce

Dealing with the issues of remote access and mobility is now the biggest challenge among businesses. Companies may issue their own mobile devices or employees may be required to bring their own devices (BYOD) to implement business backup and restore solutions.

The biggest concern in the successful implementation of backup and restoration solutions for mobile devices is the included risk factor. It is reported that about 60 million cell phones and smart phones are damaged, stolen or lost each year. In case any member of your efficient mobile work force loses his or her mobile device, the precious data stored in the phone would also be lost. This is why automated online cloud backup solution in Kansas City has become a necessity today.

The cloud remote backup in Kansas City could go beyond simply protecting your data against loss. The cloud backup solutions can additionally provide the following benefits to your mobile workforce:

Automatic Backup

Cloud services offer automatic backup; this means employees are no longer required to remain connected to the network or stay in the office to back up the data. Such facility is specifically useful for the mobile work force that generally conducts most of their work off-site.

Remote File Access

Remote access to the data stored in the cloud enables the mobile workforce to view, share or browse the data from any device that can be connected to the internet including laptops, tablets and smart phones.


Online cloud server backup services in Kansas City provide added security features to protect the data on mobile devices. The advanced security features include:

- Screen Locking – This feature locks the screen that can only be reopened with a personalized and unique PIN.
- Device Location – This feature identifies the mobile device location on a map in case it is stolen or lost.
- Destroy – In the events when the mobile device of a team member is either lost or stolen, the users can remotely destroy all the data on that device and reset it with factory settings.
- Capture – If any device is suspected to be stolen, the users can remotely activate the mobile device camera to capture a picture of the individual using the device.

All such advanced security features are only available with most expedient cloud backup service providers. In a current epoch where quick access to the required information can make or entirely break the organizational standing, it is imperative to implement automatic cloud backup solutions with added security.

Buying Advice for Home with Residential Septic Systems

Residential septic system is generally hidden from the view since it is buried at a property. It is extremely important to inspect and understand the septic tank working as improper systems may lead to costly component replacements. Testing the septic system before buying a home can help avoiding surprise expenses of repairing or replacing the system.

How It Works

As a buyer of a home, here is what you least need to know about the septic systems:

An on-site septic system collects waste from your home drains coming from kitchen, toilets, sinks and showers into an underground septic tank. The tank retains the solids while effluent liquids are allowed to flow into the soil. Septic system need pumping out, advance waste water treatment and sewage treatment once or twice in 2-3 years to maintain its proper functioning and to reduce the impact of pathogenic gases.

What Do You Need To Do

If you are buying a home that has underground residential septic system, here is what you need to know or do because it involves high repair/replacement costs:

1. Get details about the septic system

General public call septic systems by different names including septic waste system, water sewage system, sewage system, or Roman sewage system – all these terms refer to on-site underground septic systems. Ask the property manager about the location where the system is installed. Also get the details about its service and repair history. If it has not been treated in last few years, ask the managers to get it treated before you take possession.

2. Make a visual inspection

A visual site inspection can help you trace the possible signs of issues. If the managers do not exactly know where the septic tank is, it is a clear sign that no one has been maintaining it. When you inspect the septic tank, make sure there are no evidences of subsidence or collapse. Also ensure that the tank is safely covered so that no one falls into it.

3. Look for any defect

Abnormal, high or flowing out sewage levels are a clear sign of a problem with septic tank. Even thin or thick scum with abnormal sludge level indicates issue. You may need to ask the property managers to schedule septic tank pump out before moving in.

4. Get it tested

You can hire a professional to perform a loading & dye test to see if it shows some indications of failure.

Taking professional assistance to evaluate proper functioning & good condition of residential septic system is highly recommended.